Who we serve

We serve many types of clients on many different types of losses. While our focal client is always the policyholder, there may be different types of experts already involved in a loss. We offer services to those experts through Public Adjusting, insurance policy review and understanding, on-site inspections, estimating, and the negotiation of the loss settlement.

Policy Holders

We work directly with policyholders on a multitude of different types of losses. We represent small business owners, large manufacturing facilities, school districts, counties, property management investment firms, COA’s, HOA’s and many more. We take care of the entire claims process for the policyholder, which allows them to continue with their normal operations while we work through the process.

Architects / Engineers

In the building world, architects and engineers are often required, especially if there are state bid laws governing a project, even insurable loss. An architect can be involved in a multitude of responsibilities including the drafting of drawings and building specifications to assist in the calculation of damages, materials needed, and pricing required to undertake the scope of work as defined in those documents. 

Engineers are often required to identify the composition of a building, damage caused to a building and even to assess the environmental components. 

Architects and engineers are often left in a position where they are not only performing their required work but having to serve as an insurance expert as well. 

On behalf of architects & engineers, we provide expert inspections of the loss, document the loss, estimate the loss, and negotiate the loss. We work with architects and engineers so they can focus on what they do best, while we resolve the loss and provide the money for the architect, engineer, and client to work with. 

Note: in an insurable loss, we frequently are able to include the architect’s fee into the claim


Lawyers are often approached by policyholders to help settle disputes as they relate to insurance claims. First party claims attorneys focus on insurable loss while many other types of lawyers get caught up in an insurable loss dispute. We work with both. 

We not only provide support, such as on-site inspections, documentation of a loss and estimating but we also have many appraisers in our network, including Mr. Posan, who can appraise the amount of a loss short of litigation. This often increases the dollars drastically in a much shorter time frame, while utilizing an amicable resolution format provided in the policy. This can shorten the amount of work an attorney needs to perform while keeping fees the same as they would have been had we not been involved.